Shiiiiiit! Long time no see!

This year I turned 30. (omg i know, riight? You prob thought I was 25!)

To celebrate, besides completing my 30 Acts Of Kindness, I threw a joint birthday party with my buddy, Dom, who was turning 40 the day before me (December 30th) at my house. Double Birthday Whammy

dominik dom jenna nye birthday 2012

The whole reason I am able to show you any photos is cuz my AMAZING friends all chipped in and bought me the new Canon S110 AND a tripod! Spoiled (and pimpin!) even after I told them all not to get me anything and do an Act Of Kindness instead (my #30 of 30) Shout outs of THANKS A MILLION to Steve, Stefan, Emily, Stef, Shane, Jaclyn, Carrie, Rachel, Jer, Max, Marcus, Alita, Tanya, Richie, Jay, and Toby.

Still getting used to having a camera again, and had to charge the battery right away, so I missed a bunch of people, or the shots weren’t good. Need to tweak it and learn how to use it!

It was a really fun night filled with loads of champagne (Thanks Max and Jer and Alita!)

The first pic of the night with my new camera, from left: Toby, Max, Steve, Alita, and Jer – in my studio room

toby max steve alita jeremy nye 2012

Me and Rachel. That’s the purse tripod she’s chewing on. It has bendy legs so you can twist it around poles and stuff, I love it.

jenna rachel birthday 2012

This is Lesley in my studio. She’s leaving. I blinded her with flash. But I’m posting her picture anyway cuz I love her to bits, and I think this picture’s funny. If she can manage to take a plane back here in October, she’s gonna be one of my bridesmaids. Wah, I’m sad. She better come back. And just now as I type this I realize her glass is my measuring cup, haha. But it’s still not as funny as the ‘Here’s my computer, no wait, it’s a pizza’ story. Love you.

lesley birthday 2012

My dining room, full of friends:

dining room party birthday 2012

Then the birthday song moment happened downstairs in the living room for me and Dom. Aw! They had two cupcakes each with our ages on it (30 & 40). Naturally, we had to switch to blow them out, cuz damn I look great for a 40 year old, and damn he looks about 30. There were so many cupcakes!

dom jenna birthday song cupcakes TJ living room

Aaaannnnd we were a little drunk and got carried away…. (look at our great friends! aw!)

dom jenna birthday tango 2012

Sorry to blind you with the flash, John. The man behind is responsible for the cupcakes -TJ! Thanks again for bringing so many cupcakes – delicious flavors – boozy eggnog(!), red velvet, mint chocolate… It was my birthday breakfast, too.

FYI he has a shop called We Love Cookies on the corner next to Saibaba’s in Gongguan. He has vegan cupcakes as well!

TJ cupcakes We Love Cookies

Max and Jer, with Toby and Tom in the background. Tom hand drew that map of Taipei on the wall there! Lovely lovely cute friends.

max and jeremy birthday 2012

Monica, Audrey, Diana, with Max hiding in the back:

OMG, did you read that text? Yes, I know, right? It’s so true. It’s so funny. I can’t stop laughing. hahahaha.

monica audrey diana max birthday 2012

Jaclyn rockin that sexy bodysuit! Love the lace.

jaclyn birthday 2012

Niiice ring, Rachel! <3 You’re so pretty.

rachel hot birthday 2012

Then Trish called from Canada to say happy birthday!! Bestie! Loves you!

trish on skype

Shawn Kidd came back, with a duck face.

shawn kidd jenna birthday 2012

The shining! in my closet!

dom the shining

What a fun party. Thank you all for coming and not breaking anything or destroying my house.

I also wanted to say a special thanks to Olivia, Audrey, and Diana for hooking me up with the coolest batman Starbucks coffee cup and the Nicki Viva Glam! Last, but not least, to Carrie for being able to pick out a clutch that totally matches my style that I’m gonna use a lot, and the MAC pigment. You ladies are stellar and I’m so happy I have you in my life!

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