Ok, I’m gonna do the outfit challenge again! Instead of doing 100 consecutive days without repeating the same outfit, I’m gonna try to do a year!

Yes, 365 days of outfits, all different. Don’t get me wrong, this would be totally easy if I was super rich and could shop whenever I wanted and endlessly buy new things. This is about using what I have and being creative with it. Maybe I’ll make some rule about a cap of how much I can spend (or not at all), but for now, let’s just show you my weird style, mmmm, k?

pink toque black blazer unicorn dress gold dot wedges jenna taipei 2013

fyi – i’m reaaaallly bad at posing. I just wanna show you my clothes. It’s kinda weird taking your tripod to the park to take pictures of yourself also.

Pink Fuzzy hat/Toque – Bread n Butter – One of my students, Nako, left it in my class the night before and I went outside of school to return it to her, but she was already gone, so ended up taking it home for a night. I did this little photo shoot then returned it to her and showed her the photos. That’s ok, right?

bread n butter fuzzy hat toque pink

Black Blazer – WAM (one of my favorite Taiwanese designer stores)

Unicorn Dress – stretchy spandex and a lil too short –  JJ Weekend Market, Bangkok

unicorn dress close up

Vintage dress worn underneath, I call it my Poker dress – also JJ Weekend market

poker print dress spades hearts clubs diamonds

Below is an inside shot without any jacket

unicorn dress vintage poker dress living room

Pink Tights – Hustler (don’t ask)

Shoes – Gold Dot Drei Wedges – Solestruck

And cuz it was so freaking cold I had to put on another jacket, also from WAM, a few years old, wool.

wad wool jacket close up

I miss that hat already.


  1. oh goodie yer wearing our drei wedges! love it babe.. i work for gold dot btw.. haha mwhhhhh#keepinganeyeonyou..

  2. I love them so much! So comfy and hiiiiiiiigh! Lucky you working for Gold Dot! I also have the Emi sandals, but a little too cold to wear them right now. Can’t wait to snap up some more!

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