Daily Outfit – Day 5 – 1.8.2013 Tuesday

Day 5 – Tuesday 1.7.2013

daily outfit Day 5 - 1.7.2013 tuesday jenna taipei street style

Jeans – Eighty-Twenty – I think the only pair of non-stretch jeans/pants I own.

Cross print T-Shirt, worn under – Store beside Immense. Super nice cotton and stretchy

Wool Cropped Sweater – (first time worn) Second hand store by my house, seemed brand new, or like some lady knitted it for her niece and she hated it and gave it away.

wool cropped sweater yellow grey white knit jenna street style
Chain with a small bell
It was really cold so I had to wear another sweater, I took Justin’s super worn one from Immense, double zipper, great for his and her swapping sizes:
immense black zipper hoodie
Just started doing the C25K (couch to 5km) run work out recommended by Carrie. It will help you run 5km or 30 minutes without stopping incrementally in 9 weeks.
These are the only ‘trainers’ I have, which I bought for exercising a long time ago, but just wore long boarding instead.
alife nyc sneakers black blue yellow shoes
Time to run!

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